Anti Aging Face Scrub (100 gr)

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Exfoliate and Renew.

  • Exfoliates your skin and cleanses pores.
  • Repairs imperfections and helps reverse the signs of aging.
  • Leaves skin soft and radiant.

Exfoliation is an essential part of every beauty regimen. This gentle, anti-aging scrub cleanses the skin while removing layers of dead skin cells to unclog pores and improve circulation.

By removing the skin’s outer layer and improving circulation, exfoliation promotes your skin’s natural repair systems to work at their best. This gentle anti-aging exfoliating scrub is formulated with cranberries, sunflower seed oil, grape seed oil, sea salt and enriched with fatty acids (Omega-3 and Omega-6). This facial cleanser gently exfoliates while moisturizing the face, leaving the skin soft, smooth, bright and radiant. Also reduces visible signs of aging and other imperfections including acne, fine lines, and wrinkles.

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